UMT Trustee (Treasurer)
Hosted by: Barnsley Sea Cadets

Whether at sea or on land, Sea Cadets offers an environment where young people can find new
confidence and inspiration and gain nationally recognised qualifications. Across the UK 14,000
cadets from 400 units, supported by 9,000 volunteers, are challenging themselves and
developing new skills through adventurous activities based on the customs and traditions of the
Royal Navyand providing the best possible head start in life.
Each Sea Cadet unit is an independent charity in its own right which must fundraise for its
running costs while the parent charity of MSSC (Marine Society & Sea Cadets) funds the
charitable infrastructure and provides national facilities. Our biggest supporter is the Royal Navy
whose customs and traditions are at the heart of what we do.
Sea Cadet units are managed and run by committed volunteers. The unit management team
(UMT) are volunteers and act as the unit’s trustees, headed up by unit chairperson, vice
chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The UMT is responsible for the running of the unit at a
strategic and management level.
Each Sea Cadet unit must comply with all policies and procedures issued for the governance of
Sea Cadets by, or on behalf of, the MSSC Council and the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The MOD
underwrites the Sea Cadet training liability.

Primary Purpose: To support the UMT chairperson and other trustees to manage an effective
and successful Sea Cadet unit and provide a safe, maintained and serviced unit.

Secondary Purpose: To be accountable to the unit chairperson and fellow trustees for overseeing, collating and reporting financial matters including keeping efficient up to date accounts and regular reporting of income and expenditure.

Specific roles/responsibilities
The UMT trustee (treasurer) is a volunteering role. We ask you to be responsible for:
- Keeping written up to date and accurate records of all bank/building society accounts and
ensure that any interest due is added to the relevant account.
- Keeping up to date written records of all income and expenditure including any cash
accounts held within the unit such as petty cash etc.
- Ensuring that all cash, cheques, etc are paid into the unit accounts and recorded in a
timely and correct manner.
- Ensuring that all bank/building society accounts are only accessible through the signature
of at least two separate signatories (It is recommended that there be at least three
registered signatories for each account), all of whom must be current UMT volunteers.
- Ensuring that regular written reports are submitted to the UMT meetings including income,
expenditure, liabilities and balances of all accounts. Any anomalies, which have occurred,
must also be reported.

- Giving a full written report to the members of the unit/charity at the AGM: this is to include
income, expenditure, liabilities and balances of all accounts. (It is recommended that a
projection of costs for the coming year also be included in the treasurer’s report).
- Ensuring that the annual returns are completed and checked by an appropriate person, or
audited where applicable and signed as correct. These should then be submitted to the
AGM, for acceptance by the members. (The annual return may be used as the Annual
Report, as below).
- Submitting returns and or any other forms to the relevant charity regulator before
November of the following financial year.
- Ensuring that the Annual Statement of Accounts for the unit are completed and forwarded
to the Area Business Manager (ABM) at the earliest opportunity, but at the latest before
31st October of the following financial year. A draft copy is to be sent to ABM as soon as
available, and prior to adoption at AGM, to assist with the UMT review process.

How many volunteers are needed:


Skills and quaifications:

Whilst no formal qualifications are needed, general advice for useful skills are:

-capable of handling figures and cash;
-have an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking;
-have experience in dealing with large sums of money and budgets;
-have experience of financial control and budgeting;
-have an eye for detail;
-be available to be contacted for ad hoc advice;

Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Trusteeship