Volunteer Trustee Director
Hosted by: Elysium Sophia

We are a Therapy and Mindfulness based business, with a clear and passion driven vision, to help change, improve and transform the lives of those in underprivileged, disadvantaged and diverse communities, offering coping mechanisms and a therapeutic approach to managing stress, anxiety, phobias, low self esteem and self confidence.

We are passionate about improving the mental and physical health of those within our communities, who for different reasons, are not able to access services. Our communities are either gender specific, those facing barriers because of low income, members of LGBTQ, ethic minority groups, gender specific, disabled and or those with specific confidence and anxieties linked to a managing chronic medicinal conditions. We also work with all age groups from schools to our senior and ageing population.

We fuse meditation therapy and hypnosis, with psychology and NLP techniques to help improve and make suggestions to help those, most at risk within our communities, with their emotional, mental health and well-being.

Dave Pickering 'I have an extensive background in Sports Science, Health and Wellbeing, Personal Training and Education. I also have a background in martial arts, competing at a high level in Muay Thai Kickboxing. I now train and manage my own precious young daughter who competes at a World Championship level. I manage her training including mind, body conditioning, self confidence and healthy eating programme.'

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

During Covid all interested candidates will be contacted via either telephone or social media via Zoom or WhatsApp where possible. There will be a very informal 2 way chat where you will be able to ask any questions relating to the role and I will be able to get a feel of your personality, passion and empathy for the service we deliver and for the clients especially with whom we work.

Skills and quaifications:

We are looking for volunteers trustee directors to help us with our vision, who can bring experience and expertise to our table as we grow and reach even more communities in need, especially as both direct and indirect response to Covid-19

Becoming a trustee director with us is a great way to help improve the lives of those within our communities, for so many, without our help, with see a dramatic decline in their mental health and well-being, due to not being able to access the much needed advice and support we bring. You would be part of the healing process and able to say, with very minimum commitment, that you are helping in your own way to touch and improve the health, well being and lives of those in most need of assurance, confidence and you will help them rebuild.

All we ask in return is that you have an open mind, good common sense and an empathetic nature and that you are available, via telephone or in person for very informal reflection, review and updates, every 8 weeks.

Suitable for specific groups: BME, Carers, Disabled (learning), Disabled (physical), Employee volunteering, Ex-offenders, Event volunteers, LGBTQ+, Long term health condition, Older people, Refugees and asylum seekers, Unemployed
Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Administration, Business and Management, Finance Work, Marketing PR and Media, Trusteeship