ESOL class/Conversation class volunteer
Hosted by: The Refugee Council

A Conversation Club is a way that people can come together, in a relaxed environment, to help improve their English language skills.
ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages and is more classroom based way for people to learn.

We are currently looking for volunteers that can support a range of clients to help improve their English skills within these sessions. You can volunteer for the Conversation Club, the ESOL class or both!

Volunteers will work with other volunteers to come up with topic suggestions, session and resource planning for Conversation Club and ESOL Class.

Volunteers will then help support and facilitate these topics and activities within the sessions.

Days required: Mon PM, Weds PM

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

All applicants would be required to complete an application form, followed by an interview. The process would generally be completed in 2 weeks.

Skills and quaifications:

We need some one with the ability to commit to the role.
Experience in teaching/supporting a group would be ideal but not essential.
Experience working in a busy environment.
Experience working with refugees and asylum seekers and within group working is desired but not compulsory.

A helpful, friendly and supportive nature is ideal within these roles.

This role would also suit someone who is looking to gain teaching experience.

Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Coaching/ teaching and training