Health Advocacy Volunteer
Hosted by: The Refugee Council

This role is to provide support to asylum seekers and refugees to help them improve their health and well-being. Volunteers will help people to access health services appropriately by advocating on their behalf. This may include explaining how the NHS services work, their rights and entitlements, assisting with GP's, Dentists, Opticians registrations; making health related appointments, form filling and communicating, via telephone, with the health and other services such as the Home Office Asylum Support Team.

Days required: Mon AM, Tues PM, Thur AM

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

Once interest from a volunteer has been received, the application would then be emailed, followed then by the interview process. It would all happen in approximately 2 weeks. Training then would be provided swiftly.

Skills and quaifications:

Good communication skills.
Experience of working in a busy office environment.
Can work independently and use their own initiative.
Be committed to the role.

Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Advice work