The Barnsley Superstar volunteer group started making free face coverings for the community back in May 2020, during lockdown. They went from strength to strength having made over 12,500 face coverings for the community, handing them out to friends, family, neighbours and anyone who needed them. The group ended up with over 102 volunteers and have contributed a huge 2600 hours of their time.  The volunteers also drove the equivalent of driving from Barnsley Town Hall to Paris, France, and back again, to deliver these face coverings to the community!


They are a group that is a great example of true community spirit, coming together when needed.  Supported By Claire Dawson, from the Dearne Area Team, the group have been amazing in helping to keep the community safe with everything they have made. Some of the volunteers comments show the two-way nature of volunteering and how it can make a difference not just for the people you are supporting but as a volunteer yourself.


One volunteer Jan said - "Sewing has given me a strong sense that, even in my mid-70s, I can do something to help people in my home town and community. I believe that if we all do a little to help each other the world will be a better place for us all"


Another volunteer Cheryl said "Taking part in this project has helped keep me busy during lockdown it's great that we can come together and use our skills to benefit our local community and to help others"


Mary says “I have enjoyed being part of this group, no pressure to do specific numbers and I have felt appreciated. Many thanks for a great project that I was able to contribute to.”

Barnsley Superstars!